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About us

About us

Think of YOUniversal Media as a go-between for companies who want to squeeze the most out of the new digital landscape across the entire international spectrum

We keep a few key goals in sight. These are brand awareness, traffic building, lead generation, sales and advertising optimization, and our approach is 100% results based.

Our innovative services stretch across the board, from strategic consulting to media planning.
This is not only down to our performance boosting in-house technologies, but to the YOUniversal team, who have well over a decade's experience in maximizing online business.

New media is changing all the time. The competition has stepped up and it takes an original and versatile player like us to meet it head on.

Naked ambition? Yes. But it's based on some quality feedback from people who have worked with us.

We work fast and efficiently.

We don't lose our trademark YOUniversal personality when adapting to customers' needs.

And we know how to merge visibility and performance while juggling both strategies with ease.

….That said, we don't think of ourselves as better than others. We're still small, but we like to think big.
And we never listen to those who tell us something is impossible.

"Life is too short to think small"
(Tim Ferriss)

YOUniversal Media is a certified Google AdWords and Bing Ads Professional business: statuses bestowed on those agencies that have continuously managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget in campaigns on Google and Yahoo! Bing and can count among their ranks professionals who have passed both AdWords Qualified Professional and Bing Ads Accredited Professional examinations.