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Our agency is certified by Google AdWords, Bing Ads Professional and Yandex


Our company is a young organization, open to new ideas and new talents


Our take on digital marketing is focused on measurable results and traffic quality


We have established relationships with leading partners on both the national and international arenas


Our ideal clients are professional publishers, dealers, brands and e-commerce


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YOUniversal Media is a certified Bing Ads, Google and Twitter Partner. This important status is supported not only by the fact that we proud ourselves in accredited professionals who have passed dedicated examinations; but also, and especially, by the fact of our ongoing management of budgets of hundreds of thousands of euros in campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and social networks.

The Team

YOUniversal Media is a young organization, open to new ideas and to all those talents who want to join us and put themselves out there with brazen courage, in an Italian landscape that, despite everything, wants to break out of limbo and compete fully in the international arenas of web marketing.

Emiliano Carlucci

Co-founder & CEO

Daniele Avitabile

Co-founder & President

Pino Barbiera

General Manager

Gianluca Manni


Francesca Gugliucci

Marketing Director

Michela Eresia

Team Manager

Samuele Pretini

Project Manager

Anastasie Kambuyi

Office Manager

Lucia Landini

Office Manager

Roberto Beretta

Web Developer

Marco Pompili

Web Developer

Federico Pirisi

Software Team Leader

Assunta Venezia

Marketing Specialist

Francesco Sorricaro

Content Marketing Supervisor

Francesca Melfi

Content Marketing Specialist

Giosuè Rapiti

Content Marketing Specialist

Giorgia Della Rocca

Marketing Supervisor

Rebecca Martinucci

Marketing Specialist

Ylenia Castiello

Marketing Specialist

Sara Sellini

Marketing Specialist

Veronica Adornetti

Senior Marketing Specialist

Peter Stieg

Marketing Specialist

Valeria Iuliano

Senior Marketing Specialist

Santi Ventura

Marketing Specialist

Paolo Rui

Graphic Designer

Marco Pesce

Art Director

Our Services

The digital marketing services offered by YOUniversal Media range from search engines to social media, and have a minimum common denominator of putting the focus on measurable results and the quality of traffic.

Search Engine Advertising

By leveraging our experience and automated proprietary technology, we are able to identify the major search trends and intercept with great precision only those searches on target with your goal; subsequently, we concentrate all our efforts on the quick and timely setup of your campaigns.
Thanks to a team of specialists who are certified native speakers, we run campaigns in major international markets, based on a careful selection of keywords and specific copy editing. Our automated reporting service guarantees daily monitoring and provides specifics on the progress of your campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

We have direct relationships with leading Italian and international affiliate networks, and a team of specialists able to set the right strategy and maximize the performance of a campaign.
We start by recruiting partners interested in promoting your sales and we pay based on performance using pay per lead, pay per sale and pay per action business models. We manage programs that identify the levers with the highest incentives to increase your affiliates, and we constantly monitor your performance in synergy with each activated channel, to quickly identify those that can bring additional performance.

Display Advertising

Thanks to the skills and experience of our team, we leverage this important branding tool not only to create awareness of your brand but also to achieve performance targets; all this thanks to our ability to channel large flows of qualified traffic to your content.
We identify your exact target and the best sites where to operate, we take care of the creative planning for your banner thanks to our modern management systems for the purchase of advertising space on websites; subsequently, we handle the traffic that comes from the campaigns, optimizing costs and always aiming for the highest results . We reach your performance target through Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting and by using Real Time Bidding platforms.

Email Marketing & Newsletter

Our experience and an international team of native speakers allow us to make a careful selection of the most appropriate database, profiling it according to your needs, and to plan campaigns targeted at users of all nationalities.
We understand the best practices needed for a successful DEM campaign: we achieve creativity and produce specific content; in addition, we plan mailings aimed at maximizing the rates of opening, clicking through and interaction with the landing page.
If you also need continuous traffic volumes over time, we work with a technology that permits us to guarantee volume. In addition, if you don't have the resources to do it yourself, we can take over the management of your newsletter service; we handle everything, including copy writing and creative production.


We build databases of users interested in your products and services: real users who consciously choose to share their contacts with you and with other companies, and who are also potentially interested in further interactions.
By then sharing these lists with other partners, we are able to significantly lower your costs and provide you with thousands of new users in just a few days, at a cost of only a few cents.
You do not need to do anything. We handle the setup of the campaigns and the creative process, and you pay according to performance in collecting leads that are assured to be high quality. Our team of international specialists is able to guarantee high-volume, low cost, high quality profiling: up to 30,000 leads in a month on various markets.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Through our team of experienced international professionals, we can best exploit the peculiarities of each social network to plan advertising campaigns that intercept your target in real time, using highly refined profiling criteria, including: interests, choices, experiences, tastes, age, and position.
We leverage your customer database with targeted recall activities, or increase it by identifying new users with the same characteristics.
If you do not wish to manage the presence of your brand, we will take care of that for you by promoting its unique characteristics. We strategically manage the whole array of administrative tasks regarding your profiles: characterization of an exclusive storytelling, optimization of publishing with management guidelines and editorial planning specific to each social media, graphics, and fan base building; all this while also maintaining focus on objectives such as community growth and increased of engagement.

Web Projects

From computer graphics to the realization of software and content, we plan out, and work with you on fine tuning, a proposal for different types of services: static and dynamic web sites, e-commerce, landing pages, and textual creativity for banners and text links, each made according to the latest criteria with respect to functionality, adaptability to different devices, web usability and SEO.
Thanks to our international team's considerable experience in digital marketing and business acquisition, we have access to the best practices in developing any solution built to your specific needs in order to achieve the highest performance.


We make the most of your traffic by optimizing the advertising spaces, providing you with with no-risk advertising revenue.
We have partnerships with several prestigious national and international top players including, Ask and Yahoo! in the field of search engines, Tradedoubler and Zanox regarding market affiliation, Zodiak Advertising for behavioral targeting, and Outbrain for contextual advertising.
Thanks to these collaborations we are able to guarantee you the total absence of fixed costs for setup and management. Only if you earn, do we earn! Our challenge is to transform our customers into business partners.

Our Partners

Our solutions for acquiring traffic and generating revenue are effective and made possible not only thanks to a proprietary technology that is constantly evolving, but also by virtue of established relationships with leading national and international partners, ranging from search engines to some of the most important companies in the field of affiliate marketing, of behavioral targeting, and of contextual advertising.

Our partners

Our customers are:

brandswhose main goal is to generate qualified leads, or to build user databases, through a synergy generated by web marketing strategies and the creation of conversion-oriented landing pages.

e-commercethat want to increase sales and revenue by optimizing their ROI/ROAS, improving usability and purchase funnel through the integration of advanced analysis of web analytics and click tracking.

publisherswho want to increase the number of users and improve the quality of the interactions on their channels, increase the production of SEO-friendly articles, and increase the revenue generated by advertising.

dealers who need to convey large volumes of high quality traffic in very little time on advertorials, microsites and co-brand channels, via search engines, social media and contextual networks.

They chose our services:

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