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Our Services

The digital marketing services offered by YOUniversal Media range from search engines to social media, and have a minimum common denominator of putting the focus on measurable results and the quality of traffic.



We take great care in polishing your brand’s communication strategy and social media presence: from the creation of storytelling and exclusive graphic designs, to the daily management of publications and user engagement. Our social media managers conceive specific editorial plans for each network and audience, with the objective of bridging both the creative and commercial worlds of digital marketing to expand your online community and increase meaningful engagement.


We position social media at the center of our acquisition strategies in order to give your brand a social voice. Our expertise in advanced bidding techniques and niche audience targeting is accompanied with dynamic creative and personalized content that respond to unique and changing market trends and opportunities. Our performance management dashboard further identifies areas of inefficiency and of potential opportunities allowing greater optimization of key performance indicators and objectives.


Content Marketing

We develop quality editorial content forged to form the beating heart of your inbound marketing strategy: sparking interest and attracting new users. Our team of native speakers specializes in tailored editorial and multimedia content creation as well as personalized graphic design to help you broaden brand awareness and personally connect with audiences. We are proficient in managing substantial amounts of articles that incite the highest level of engagement from genuinely interested users.

Native Advertising

We are committed to non-invasive content by gently blending advertisements with organic content in a way that always provides users the most relevant and helpful results for their search terms, ensuring content that generates natural user interest, incites engagement and benefits user experience. To complement our content marketing strategy, we have developed an in-house widget for sponsored results, and we leverage our privileged partnerships with all major native advertising platforms.


Our Partners

Our solutions for acquiring traffic and generating revenue are effective and made possible not only thanks to a proprietary technology that is constantly evolving, but also by virtue of established relationships with leading national and international partners, ranging from search engines to some of the most important companies in the field of affiliate marketing, of behavioural targeting and of contextual advertising.

Who We Are

Michela Eresia

Team Manager

Andrea Lorusso

Software Team Manager

Samuele Pretini

Project Manager

Giorgia Della Rocca

Marketing Supervisor

Francesco Sorricaro

Content Marketing Supervisor

Valeria Iuliano

Senior Marketing Specialist

Ylenia Castiello

Marketing Specialist

Santi Ventura

Marketing Specialist

Sara Sellini

Marketing Specialist

Isabella Basileias

Marketing Specialist

Giulia Lolli

Marketing Specialist

Martina De Matteis

Marketing Specialist

Rosaria Petrella

Marketing Specialist

Giosuè Rapiti

Content Marketing Specialist

Francesca Melfi

Content Marketing Specialist

Federico Pirisi

Software Team Leader

Roberto Beretta

Web Developer

Marco Pompili

Web Developer

Marco Pesce

Art Director

Paolo Rui

Senior Graphic Designer

Assunta Venezia

Marketing Specialist

Claudia Martinangeli

Marketing Specialist

Anastasie Kambuyi

Office Manager

Lucia Landini

Office Manager


As an agency we’re certified by Google AdWords, Yandex, Bing Ads Professional (number one in Italy for Professional Accredited Bing Ads), Facebook and Twitter.

Our team comprises AdWords Qualified Professionals, Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, Yandex Direct Experts, Facebook Certified Professionals and Twitter Graduates.

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