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Who we are / Our philosophy

Our approach

Content is the motor that generates both relevant traffic and the results which fall in line with the needs of our target audiences. We focus on daily research and innovation in order to provide new solutions and web products to an ever demanding user – a user who searches for products, news and information and who relies increasingly on search engines.

Our services

  • We produce content: We define and produce longtail content – that is, we enhance the visibility of content in order to render it easily available to our target users.
  • We generate qualified and relevant traffic: Beginning with the assumption that the first ports of call for users are search engines and social media, we employ a cross-promotion content strategy through multiple channels.
  • We monetize: We create an alternative to the classic advertising Display formats to complete our service and advertising solutions package. We activate acquired traffic, thereby increasing the number of conversions.
  • We monitor: Firstly, we test which products are likely to attract the attention of web users. In order to invest in the newest and most exciting products, we then analyse the number of pageviews, interactions and sharing. It's important to produce high quality content, but it's even more important to generate interest in this content and make it available to a wide target audience. Users can then transform this interest into a concrete and quantifiable action.
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