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"On demand"is how users like their content. So we've designed and shaped a process of content marketing that at its core is "search driven". YOUniverse is a one-stop-shop designed to meet the needs of two key targets:


- Publishers who want to partner up with a company that meets two essential needs. 1) To expand user bases on sites or channels. 2) To produce evergreen content;


- Media Agencies who need: 1) traffic driven to advertorials, or mini sites and co-branded channels. 2) to monetize unsold stock.



YOUbot is our crawler Services geared towards editors are automated by its technology, which runs along four lines: Inform, Index, Inspire and Income. YOUbot relies on a pre-established semantic database that is constantly updated. It analyzes editorial products and periodically "captures" new pages. It then feeds the content into a system of semantic analysis which deduces related topics and keywords.


Inform is the technology that makes a semantic analysis of the content of a site. It extracts keywords and categorizes them to create search marketing campaigns based on the long tail. Done like this content can then be distributed through relevant ads and landing pages. This eliminates the need for technical or graphical adjustments on the site. All of this at a CPC ranging from €0.04 to €0.09.

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Index is the semantic side of search engine optimization which boosts the visibility of an editorial product on search engines. Based on sound and innovative technology, it creates static landing pages with lists of articles optimized to specific keywords and related content. This improves the organic positioning of a site and allows for a cut-price traffic acquisition cost: €0.01 per visit, plus a management fee to be agreed.

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Inspire is the “query-suggestion tool” that puts you at an editorial advantage. After scanning our networks and categorizing users' most popular searches, it presents you with an easy to interpret report. Precise and up to the minute, this goldmine of information doesn't just tell you what to write, but what readers are searching for in real time. All you then need to do is fine-tune a killer editorial strategy around it, including new categories that could win you fresh traffic. Or put another way, give users the content they want before they know they want it!

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Income is the ad-serving application which distributes contextual banners related to the content that users are reading at any given time on a site. It is non-intrusive advertising which doesn't encroach on a users’ browsing experience or deliver pop up messages. These banners are remunerated at a CPM ranging from €0.30 to €0.50, depending on page position.

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